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"C&C" - stands for Citrus & Cane. we proudly make all of our syrups in house. 

"ORGEAT" (or·zhaat) - sweetened organic almond mylk, with rose blossom water and orange blossom water added for aromatics. 

"FALERNUM" (fay·lr·nuhm) - spiced pea mylk with toasted spices (clove, allspice, star anise), raw sugar, fresh ginger, lime zest & fortified with overproof rum.

"BLEND OF..." - some secrets are too precious to share, but we promise, we only use the best quality spirits available to us. #allkillernofiller

"CONTAINS NUTS" - we are referring to the organic almond mylk we use in our orgeat.  We sometimes also have a macadamia nut orgeat on the menu, which is always clearly noted.

All of our juices are fresh squeezed in house, except for pineapple and mango.

C&C fun facts: Press
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